The world of bird migration!

Welcome to BirdRun. Here we celebrate the extraordinary world of bird migration and raise funds to help protect these fantastic birds.

Their feats of stamina, endurance and persistence are extraordinary.  Around 40% of all birds are migratory species. They are constantly on the move looking for the best locations to feed and breed.  Which means the sheer volume of movement all around us is incredible.

When will the Swifts arrive this year?

Enter our latest competition now and track the Swift's migration journey

This year’s competition comes to you in partnership with the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust

You can track the progress of the fabulous Swift on our social media pages.  They will help you discover amazing things about this extraordinary bird and its journey back to the UK.

About BirdRun

Sadly, too many migratory birds find their routes and nesting areas threatened by development, pollution and climate change.

Birds migrating today face constant change and growing threats as their habits disappear, food sources decline and nesting sites are removed

At BirdRun, we bring these amazing migration journeys to life and raise money to help our birds thrive.  The House and Sand Martin, the Swallow, the Blackcap, Whitethroat, Cuckoo, Nightingale, Turtle Dove and of course the Swift bird are all British birds that migrate here in the summer.

Each has a remarkable story to tell of flying enormous distances from lands that are very different to  the UK where they nest and start new families.

The idea is simple: we know when birds start to migrate and we roughly know the route they will take.  BUT we never know when they will arrive in the UK.

This is where you come in.  Enter your prediction of when the first bird will arrive.  If you get it right, you will be entered into the prize draw.  All the profits generated are donated to our wildlife partners.  Their work helps protect and extend the vital habitats which these birds depend on.

The migrating swift
© John Hawkins

How it works

BirdRun is no ordinary prize draw.

clock iconStep 1

We tell you the time window when the first bird normally arrives at The Lodge, Oxford.

calendar iconStep 2

You enter the day(s) you think the first bird will arrive.

cloud graphicStep 3

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust experts look out for the birds every day and they validate the day when the first bird arrives.

your birdrun trophyStep 4

Everyone who gets the correct date is entered into the prize draw. The winner(s) are selected at random.
(If the bird arrive outside the selection window everyone will be entered into the draw.)

What others are saying about BirdRun

Guessing the dates of our first arriving Swifts is a great way to engage with nature.

David LindoThe Urban Birder

BirdRun is brilliant. A release for the mind in these times when we are all feeling so constrained

Michelle WeeksNorth London

Such an original idea – this will connect with so many people and hopefully bring them to our reserves

Gordon ScorerCEO, LWT

BirdRun is fantastic at highlighting the amazing journey swifts make every year

Waltham Forest Swifts Group

Some amazing migration facts

godwit graphicThe Bar-tailed Godwit

has the longest non-stop migration: 7,580 miles in 11 days

swift graphicThe Swift

sleeps in flight resting half its brain at a time

penguin graphicThe flightless Adélie Penguin

migrates too! Trekking over 8,000 miles every year