About BirdRun

Thanks for fluttering by our page! We’re BirdRun©, a UK-based fundraising initiative running exciting competitions based on the natural world around us! We partner with some pretty amazing conservation groups to raise awareness for the threatened bird species that share our home here in the UK.

Birds and animals do some amazing and fantastic things, and we want to bring some of their stories to life. From extraordinary feats of endurance to quirky peccadillos nature has a way of making us stop, think and admire.

At BirdRun© we want to bring these wonderful journeys and fascinating facts to life and get more people involved in protecting wildlife and the beautiful places they live and feed in. We want to increase and broaden public support for wildlife by highlighting the drama and uncertainty of migration journeys through a prize draw based on when a specific species will arrive at a specific place in the UK.

All revenue raised after costs goes to the hosting charity.

BirdRun© is a concept designed and incubated by social enterprise, Intentionality Ltd. co number 13174593. It’s been created at risk by Colin Crooks MBE and a few friends.  If the pilot works, BirdRun© will fledge the nest and fly off to become its own independent organisation. If it fails, Colin and his friends lose their money and put it down to experience!

As a social enterprise our philosophy at Intentionality is to create new enterprises that do good for people and the planet, looks after staff and pays them properly (the London Living Wage or better) and provides a fair return to people who invest in social enterprise.

What others are saying about BirdRun

Guessing the dates of our first arriving Swifts is a great way to engage with nature.

David LindoThe Urban Birder

BirdRun is brilliant. A release for the mind in these times when we are all feeling so constrained

Michelle WeeksNorth London

Such an original idea – this will connect with so many people and hopefully bring them to our reserves

Gordon ScorerCEO, LWT

BirdRun is fantastic at highlighting the amazing journey swifts make every year

Waltham Forest Swifts Group

Some amazing migration facts

godwit graphicThe Bar-tailed Godwit

has the longest non-stop migration: 7,580 miles in 11 days

swift graphicThe Swift

sleeps in flight resting half its brain at a time

penguin graphicThe flightless Adélie Penguin

migrates too! Trekking over 8,000 miles every year