Final curtain on BirdRun Spring 2022

The swifts’ returned to the Walthamstow Wetlands on the 25th April.  This matched the latest date that the wetlands had on record for their return so everyone who held their nerve and bet long was in with a good chance.

This morning we got together with the lovely people at London Wildlife Trust to make the prize draw to determine the final winners of the competition.

We had two fabulous prizes* to give away courtesy of Charity Escapes, and altogether 9 people holding 15 tickets between them, had guessed the correct date for when the swifts would return.

Gordon Scorer, CEO at London Wildlife Trust, very kindly agreed to pick the winners from our newly commissioned bird box draw vessel. 

The overnight, bed & breakfast stay for 2 people in the fabulous Two Lifeboats B&B on the Norfolk coast was won by Walthamstow local, Stefan Catoiu.

The 2-night, bed & breakfast stay for 2 people in the lovely boutique CitySpace Hotel near Borough Market in central London was won by south Londoner, Angus Hanton.


*We were slightly disappointed not to cross the 1200 ticket sales threshold for awarding the star gazing weekend in Wales.